About Northwest Windshield Repair
We repair unsightly rock chips before they spread or crack, if your windshield does have a crack we can repair them too! We remove
Glass Scratches on, all types of Glass Including, tempered, annealed, laminated ”windshields”, bulletproof, curved glass and even mirrors.
We have only certified windshield repair technicians, fully licensed and insured. We have mobile equipment and will come to you, avoiding
any inconvenience for you, our customer. If you bring your vehicle to our shop, repairs usually take about 20 minutes while you wait. We
offer a written guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. We work with all insurance companies and many waive your insurance
deductible on chip repairs, meaning no cost to you.

Good reasons to choose repair over replacement

1) Safety
The most important reason to choose repair is safety, our repairs restore 100% of the windshields strength, along with improving clarity up
to 80%. An improperly installed windshield can endanger yourself and anyone riding in your vehicle. Leaking is the least of your worries if
your windshield is not installed properly. The windshield helps hold up the roof during a collision; improper installation can lead to the
windshield popping out during a collision and not performing this important function

2) Cost Savings
Windshield repair can save you hundreds of dollars over replacement. If you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle your
insurance company will more then likely pay for your repair, as well as, waive your deductible for the repair. A typical repair costs starts at
$50.00, each additional repair on the same car is $15.00. If you have ever had to replace a windshield you will see the savings you can
enjoy. Having your windshield repaired as soon as possible after the damage occurs greatly improves the appearance of the repair. The
longer you wait the more dirt and moisture will be introduced to the damaged area. Waiting also allows the damage to expand or spread.

Repairing and removing damage from glass keeps it in the supply chain and out of the landfill. You can also eliminate the
additional labor and energy costs of producing a new piece of glass. It's a win-win!

Remove Glass Scratches on, all types of Glass
Including, tempered, annealed, laminated "windshields", bulletproof, curved glass and even mirrors.

All repairs come with a Lifetime Warranty!
Windshield repairs are warranted against spreading for as long as you own the car.  If the damage spreads beyond the repair, we will
re-repair the extended damage or refund the original repair amount.

Northwest Windshield Repair is not the average windshield repair company. We repair windshield cracks that other companies
will not; others want to sell you a new windshield.  We take a personal interest in saving your glass.

We appreciate your business!

We use the best quality American products whenever possible! Were proud to use Delta Kits products and their Premium Resin; they are
world renowned for their strength, clarity, cure time and longevity.

On site and/or Mobile Repairs.
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We Repair Windshield Rock Chips
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Many repairs are FREE with insurance!
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